In the past, I used to travel for business quite often and I was always on the hunt for cosmetics that consumed little luggage space and yet at the same time, provided all that was needed to look chic for any event; whatever and wherever it be.  I have retained my interest in researching these travel essentials.  While thee are many good options in the market, I recently grouped my favorites for my summer 2016 vacation: 

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He is the son of rain, temperate climes and “keep calm and carry on” whereas, the sun and sea were my parents.  Two people that dreamed of each other at a certain point without imagining that they were over four thousand miles apart.

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I was navigating the Internet recently and while doing so, I re-discovered “Meet Up” when I was looking how many Book Clubs exit in the Dallas Fort Worth area. My motivation for it is the fact that I belong to one of these “book clubs” while asking myself the different motivations for people to join or to create one. Curiosity showed up again!

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Ansiosamente he estado esperando el lanzamiento de Bite Amuse Rouche Lipstick. Quizás es porque adoro un par de crayones que tengo de esta línea. Este nuevo lipstick reemplaza el antiguo Crème Lipstick Collection sin embargo, ambos tienen en común una consistencia y color con alto impacto. “Black Violet” ( Violeta Negra) es el color que me llamo la atención de inmediato.

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Soy hija del mar y el sol y el es hijo de la lluvia y del “keep calm and carry on”. Dos personas que sonaron con la otra en algún momento sin imaginarse que estábamos a cuatro mil doscientas treinta millas de distancia.

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Otras Aventuras

Entrar al hotel El Convento es cruzar una dimensión invisible que te transporta a otra épocaEntrar al hotel El Convento es cruzar una dimensión invisible que te transporta a otra época..

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"If I had them, I'd make a fortune. But I know what helps — health, lots of sleep, lots of fresh air, and a lot of help from Estee Lauder.

~ Audrey Hepburn - about beauty tips