Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser


I heard a lot of goods reviews about Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, especially about the Miracle Cleanser and their Serum. I ordered the Miracle Cleanser two months ago to find out what was all the rave about.  It surpassed my expectations! 

Aurelia Probiotic Skin Care is an English line and the manufacturing is also in the same country. This is a sign that that the raw material does not have to travel big distance after production for the end product. This fact is very positive for some of us who are familiar with manufacturing, expiration dates and shelf life.

The website describe in detail the science behind the line to educate their readers and potential customers. One of the details that caught my attention is the fact that is a probiotic line. Probiotic is a term that we heard a lot about food, but what Probiotic is, a bacteria that can be live or dead but a one that is good and needed in our system, especially the digestive system; a good bacteria.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare use glycoprotein to balance the skin when it is inflamed due to stress and helps to stabilize the defence system of the skin. According to their website, it promotes the skin natural renewal process and helps to prevent premature aging.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare is the Ultimate Natural Winner in 2015, Antiaging Winner from the Beauty Bible Award and Best New Brand in 2014 from the same Awards.

The Miracle Cleanser is a Bio Organic Product according to their packaging. The combination of biological ingredients is what makes this product one interesting for skincare: Hibiscus (antioxidant), Chamomile (anti-inflammatory). Eucalyptus (decongestant), rosemary and bergamot among them. It is a comforting feeling providing rest to the skin and recharge energy after a busy and stressful day. The product is free of colorants, synthetic fragrances, sulphites, parabens, mercury, GMO and it is not tested in animals.

The consistency is similar to a creamy balm. It is not oily. The colour is white and has a refreshing scent. It is predominant the cent eucalyptus and rosemary to me. When I smell it, it takes me back to those nights in my grandmother’s small garden in the island. Maybe this is the reason that I only use it at nights and during the morning, I only use water or Epicuren cleanser with the Clarisonic brush.

Once it touch my skin, it refresh it at contact and I note that reduce any swelling, especially for water retention but, I also note that the effect is not immediate. My skin seems to absorb the product immediately and this will push me to use the wet bamboo towel to remove impurities and makeup.According to their instruction there is a two step process to use this product:

  1. Apply the cleanser in your dry skin with your fingers and at the same time providing a deep massage to raise the daily impurities, makeup and de-bries while it stimulate circulation in the area.
  2. Remove it with the antibacterial bamboo cloth to gently exfoliate the skin and reveal radiance. Make sure that the cloth is warm and wet and it is used with gently pressure over the skin

The product includes one cloth but I have order their one week cloth supply because I feel safer using one cloth per day.

In summary: I love the cleanser and have replaced the Eve Lom that I have used for several years. It is divine and I love the fact that is organic, not tested on animals and the properties of the ingredients mixed together. Currently it sells at $65.00 and the box of extra cloth is $25.00. I have not seen it in the US yet but it may have arrived. Aurelia Skin Care has its own website: and it is also carried at





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