Sticky: My US issue finding lingerie: My Guilty Pleasure

(null) (1)Fascination is the word that define best my relationship with intimate apparel. I LOVE, lace, tiny ribbons, transparency with class, the little delicate details and unexpected turns. La Perla, Aubade, Chantelle, Natori, Calvin Klein to mention some of my favourite brands. I do not have a preference about shade, I like all colours and if there is a unexpected detail, the better!

Arriving to the intimate apparel department is captivating but sometimes it is a disappointment, especially when you find is only basics. The internet shows to us an array of options, from the basics intimate apparel to the seduction options with romantic details.

My daily outfit includes the bikini set and any other options. I chose and use it for me, first of all. I feel that it makes me look good although what I am using is jeans and t-shirt or working clothes. Once I walk out of the house, I carry with me a mischievous secret that nobody knows: some sense of power, I guess.

This part of our outfit should be one that seduce us, women first, before thinking of seducing a man. It should make us feel attractive to us, which in return provide a sense of wellbeing. Men are seduced with the mind.

Traveling to France means to me, visiting a Lingerie Boutique. I love visiting the Intimate Apparel department. In my experience, the French have a special talent to present and creates the magical and seductive environment when this is about lingerie. The quality of the fabric, terminations and details are characteristics that many lines in the United States lack. French lines are generally very consistent when we talk about sizes (in my opinion).

Every time that my husband travels to France, he bring me a new lingerie outfit. Thank God he has good taste and is not afraid to experiment with new colours.

In United States, it is more difficult for me to choose an outfit than in France. There are many times that they do not have my size, especially the top part. There are a lot of lines that has their focus in add padding to the bra and many times is a thick pad. Then the inventory is limited for the woman who does not want to add more volume to the shape of their breast. There are lines that the “class” factor is lost and other times the comfort factor is not related to beauty.

Recently I have the opportunity of noting the difference between one set from a French Line and the recently launched Heidy Klum line. My husband bought me the two sets. One of them were from the French line Aubade. Both were the same size but the French fit me where it should.

1) Fit. Aubade gave great support and the lace and sparkly details give a flirty and different touch without being scandalous. The Heidy Klum outfit had a gorgeous cranberry colour but that was it. I was not able to fit one breast in the cup and both tops were the same size according to the tag.

2) Finished Product: The lace was not as soft to the touch like Aubadee. There was a lack of uniformity (too close) when the threads are observed closely. Aubade was less close and probably the combination of the technique used plus, the fabric is what makes the difference in fit.

3) Fabric: Both products had synthetic fabrics with elastic material but Aubade also used a lot of cotton on the product. I have to check other products of the Heidy Klum line to verify if other styles are not 100% synthetic material.

Customer Service is another factor that sometimes is uncomfortable. When I arrive to the boutiques in France and they offer help, there is an immediate camaraderie between the salesperson and I (the customer). We talk about the materials, the finish, the support and what is more important: how I feel with the set. These are details, details, details that help to make a good purchase. These French girls taught me how to choose an outfit for my figure and mood.

I have not been that lucky in the U.S. I feel that there is always a rush to finish the sale when help is offered. Most of the time offering bottoms or tops that not even my grandmother would have considered for her. Basically I have to attend myself or go to the internet.  Many times I observe the disapproving look on the cashier, probably thinking that I am “ho” instead of a married woman with young children. It is a pity that I have to go to the internet most of the time when I would love to go to the store.

The magazines give the impression that the market in the United States is chaninging and there is always a new line. The problem is the distribution chanel. I like many other people do not live in New York or California. It is very difficult to find out where we can find these new lines.

Many times, I observe that many women buy what the stores offer them, without having the opportunity to try new things and look at themselves in other looks. These women are attractive, beautiful, young, mature, flirty, mischievous, seductive, smart and confident.

Edgy or conservative, sporty or dancer; a woman does not want to be generic. I wonder; Why we are not able  to also be  unique with our intimate apparel as well? To reflect our uniqueness?

I realize with all the traveling and with the years, that French women are not more or less chic or seductive than Americans. I suspect that it is what they carry which is not that visible that help them on the self confidence: “Lingerie”!














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