Recent Discoveries – Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick

DSC_1021I was eagerly expecting the launch of Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick; I already have a couple from this line, which I adore because it has high pigmentation. The new lipstick replaces the old Crème Lipstick Collection; however, it retains  the original’s cream consistency and high impact colour. The Black Violet colour is the form that immediately caught my attention; while it is a deep black in the tube once applied it transforms to its namesake. I have two tubes in safer colour options: Pepper and Fig. I have never been into the “Goth” as my complexion is not pale enough for the contrast; actually I am not pale at all.

The lipstick contains Resveratrol, a plant compound found in wine, peanuts and berries. This is fantastic because the antioxidant properties of this compound are good for the lips.  Furthermore, the lipsticks are free of Parabens, Phtlalates and Sulfates but contain plenty of following, beneficial natural oils: avocado, sunflower, coconut, grape seed, olive, almond, pomegranate seed, apricot and argan, amoung others.

The company that owns the brand is focussed entirely on lip products and they manufacture in small batches. They also claim that their products are manufactured with ingredients that are good enough to eat. Sounds fantastic but bear in mind that they also contain hydrogenated oils. So beware if you try avoid these types of oils; though as you should not be eating your lipstick it is not a deal breaker but its good for you to know what it contains.

I did not find the lipstick to be heavy on the lips at all, it has a genuine cream texture and does not leave the lips dry after a long day. Surprisingly, it also has a somewhat sweet flavour and a light minty scent.

The Fig is a neutral pink colour. In my view it is a very versatile shade because while it seems to be a colour for daytime use, I can picture it for a night look; very strong eyes and neutral lips with enough pink to not make it too boring.

The Pepper is a darker neutral. It is a darker mauve colour and not as pink as Fig; I love it! It is described in Sephora as a Dusty Rose. As I say, to me it looks more mauve; however, I concede that we have to consider the natural pigments in everybody’s lips.

I would love to try and have yet to find the Sweet Cream (muted peach) and I am also intrigued by the Chai (mauve brown).

In general, I think that it is a very good lipstick. It is targeted to retail at $24.00 and will be in Sephora stores from March 4, 2016.




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